Susannah Flood in ABC’s For The People


Susannah Flood as Kate Littlejohn: For The People

Shondra Rhimes known for her quality television dramedies, casts appealing and compelling actors.  Most with an eye on ABC’s For The People could predict that Britt Robertson would emerge as one of America’s new favorites.  Indeed Britt Robertson, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Ben Rappaport, Wesam Keesh, Rege-Jean Page, Ben Shenkman, Hope Davis, Vondie Curtis-Hall, and Anna Deavere Smith possess talent, acumen, training and noteworthy excellence.  Yet, Susannah Flood as Kate Littlejohn in ABC’s For The People is complex, ido-syncratic, honest and awe-inspiring.  In Season 1, Episode 10 she is breathtaking.  Delivering data to Leonard Knox (Rege-Jean Page) the depth of feeling and the urgent need to cover it, astounds.  Her commitment to delve deeply brings revelation for those watching.  Thank you Susannah Flood for being an artist that willingly transcends to bring the gift of self.  Your vulnerability and authenticity are transformational.

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