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We are sacrificing our Humanity to preserve our supposed Way of Life, which is not a Way of Life, but that which stands in the way of Life. By denying ourselves and others the right to their Human-ness, (vulnerability, sensitivity, fallibility, heart), we are denying Life itself. Don’t go another day without speaking your Heart. Rise in honor of those fallen, who have dared to speak, and take your rightful place in the world of True Humanity. Stand. Align yourself with Human-Kind (Kindness which evidences Humanity). Be brave, compassionate. Bare your Soul to others and hold space for all in your experience to do the same. Drop into your Heart. Breath. Listen. Love your Human-ness and the Human-ness of those around you. Activate Human-Kind-ness.


Be The Narrative


Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden & Anthony Hopkins – Westworld

Tell the story.  Tell all the stories.  Use your dignity, your passion, your fear, your stillness, your frailty, and your courage to show us our hearts, our souls and that which we dare not speak.  Speak it.  Speak the unspeakable that we might speak it too.  Reveal to us all that has been concealed. That we who watch, might see ourselves back.  Truly see ourselves.  Be the narrative of love, power, sex, addiction and life or death.  Use your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body to tell the story of humanity.  You who are the chosen, you who are the artists, the actors, activate and humanize me.

No Separation


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Through examining the Mitochondria of our DNA, Scientists have traced back to our point of origin as Humans on this Earth, 30 thousand years ago, to one Woman, who lived and bore children along the Fertile Plains of the Nile River. This one Woman, based on Scientific Research has the same DNA Markers as 95% of the existing planet. 95% of us have come from the same Original Mother. This is Science, supporting the Metaphysical Truth. There is No Separation. Separation is a Myth. We are all human beings being human.



Marlon Brando & Kim Hunter in Streetcar Named Desire

‘Your most basic tool in determining persona, and the transformative power therein starts with the identification of need.  The belief that there is a need is the instigator and underwriter of all human behavior, occurring at the beginning and the end of all running systems.  Need is the instigator of all active storyline.’ ~ Excerpt from the upcoming book The Alexander Method: Transformational Acting for the Total Actor

An Artist Reflecting Culture



Our artistry is the great mirror that we as a culture hold up to understand who we are, where we are, and if we are headed in the right direction.  In order for art to do its job, the reflection must be clear.  As an artist reflecting culture, if you are using yourself as the medium of expression, you too must be clear.  There can be no part of unexamined ego distorting the image.  If you are to reflect a clear picture, there cannot be any of your depiction that includes your own needs, fear of loss or considered action, unless it completely aligns with the persona you portray. ~ Excerpt from the upcoming book, The Alexander Method: Transformational Acting for The Total Actor

Russell Tovey: Banished

banished_bbcCreated by Jimmy McGovern, this BBC short series has only one season and seven episodes.  Written by Jimmy McGovern and Shaun Duggan, and directed by Daniel Percival and Jeffrey Walker, Banished is short, and intensely sweet.  Set in the first penal colony of New South Wales in 1788, the hardships born by the one hundred men of the Royal Navy Marine and the one thousand prisoners they must guard is heightened by the involuntary sharing of the women.  This extremely poignant, honest, upsetting and revealing portrait of the birth of Australia’s first state is riveting.  Portrayed by some of the finest actors I have seen, Orla Brady, Ewen Bremmer, Ryan Corr, Brooke Harman, David Dawson, Ned Dennehey, Cal MacAninch, Rory McCann, Joseph Millson, Adam Nagaitis, Genevieve O’Reilly, Julian Rhind-Tutt and David Wenham are brilliant.  MyAnna Buring, and Julian Rhind-Tutt are truly inspiring in their fearless portrayals.  And Russel Tovey is beyond brilliant.  His depth of commitment fully embraces true human behavior.  His unapologetic realism transforms.  His honesty touches the very soul of humanity.   Tremendous respect to Daniel Percival and Jeffrey Walker for creating the sacred working environment that would produce such compelling artistry.  Please watch this one!

Hold Space For Yourself


photo credit: 05.14.08 via photopin (license)

It is important to hold space for yourself, truly hold space for yourself. To look at your hands and say, “I really love these hands.”  To look at yourself in the mirror and without flinching, see yourself and tell yourself, “I love this face, I love this body, I love this me.”  You must let this resonate throughout every cell of you.  It is imperative that you know you are worthy and admirable.  Carry it with you into every aspect of your life.  Because when you see yourself as the most valuable asset on this planet you have seen the truth.  This is not egotism, it is selflessness.  Holding space for yourself, granting yourself being-ness, you affect deep change.  Practicing unconditional positive regard, for the self and others, grows more of that.  It is the kind of love, so powerful, so righteous, it will change the world.